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Balancelogic's Identity


Over the last nine years, we have tried to create an identity that really communicates exactly who we are, how we can help small businesses, something that really defines our existence. I truly believe we finally found it with our new corporate identity. Our signature pie chart is a critical part
of telling the story of who we are. The pie, the circle, signifies something that is whole, whereas the slices make up the whole.

In our case, the circle or the pie represents our clients’ business and the slices of the pie represent the services that Balancelogic offers. The result being that by partnering with Balancelogic, we help complete your business, making it whole, making it successful. Additionally, the sizes of the slices of the pie represent the relationship between Balancelogic and our clients, whereas, our team can work with you to become either a small part of your business or a large part.
Our Colors

Orange signifies creativity, adventure, success, determination and is both physically and mentally stimulating. It combines the happiness of yellow and the energy of red. It is often associated with enthusiasm, creativity, success and encouragement. Orange also is associated with rejuvenation, optimism and motivation.

Slate blue signifies importance, stability, unity, dependability and is considered to be an excellent color to represent skills, knowledge, and prosperity.

When these two colors are combined, the result is the perfect balance between taking a risk and reaping the reward having the confidence that you have trusted Balancelogic with this task, and knowing that we take each client’s needs very seriously.

Our Tagline

Our tag line completes our corporate identity and really says it all. The Answer for Small Business™! Regardless of the size
or nature of the business, every business can only grow and succeed by creating and maintaining a solid foundation of operations. We provide the services that solve the majority of the issues that small businesses face and we do it well.
The goal is to be integrated into our client’s business as if we were just another department, just a phone call away.

Balancelogic is a registered trademark of Balancelogic, LLC.
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