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Hello from the Custom Website Factory!

I just finished up my tour of Ambassador Island’s Custom Website Factory. You would not believe this place! it is absolutely amazing. I have collected some great information, some of which may be a good refresher for some
of you and some great new tips, tricks, and strategies.

A well designed and informative website is critical to any small business in today’s internet driven world. It is the number one way to tell your company’s story and share valuable information with your target audience. A lot of thought, vision, strategy, and content planning is needed in order to create
an amazing website.
When putting together the strategy for your website, remember why you are creating your website. What is the purpose? What results you are looking for? There are incredible features you can include that will help with both of these questions. If you are growing and hiring people, make sure to include a Career module, where you can post your own job openings and have your visitors apply for those jobs directly. If you want to make quick on-the-fly changes, make sure to include and plan for a CMS, content management system. One of the main considerations to think of is making sure your website is SEO friendly and optimized.
I hope that you will find these tips informative and useful. I have included some information about how the Balancelogic team can help you with your website, from idea, to concept, to making it a reality. Don’t forget to follow me as I explore and visit the rest of Ambassador Island!

Web Design Solutions

Whether your web design project includes E-commerce features, a database, graphic design, or assistance putting together an internet marketing plan,
we are there to help you.

- Corporate Intranet - Image Galleries
- Document Management - Membership Websites
- Online Storefronts - Ecommerce - Content Management System (CMS)
- Online Article Generators - and Much More!

Custom Web Design

We provide more than just a beautifully designed website, we create you a unique internet presence. Every website we design is optimized for search engines to increase your return on investment. Through creative thinking and brainstorming exercises, our team develops ideas that will visually express our client's core messages. We give our clients a website that they love and one that delivers results.

Ecommerce Websites

If you sell products online, we have a solution for you! We can offer you an online store custom built, either around your already existing identity or from scratch. Let us help you open up new revenue opportunities by selling online!

Looking for SEO?

Is your website appearing in the search engines? Does it have a high search engine ranking? If you answered "no" or "I don't know" to either of these questions then a website tune up offer may be of interest to you.

As part of our Search Engine Optimization process, we will visit and analyze your website. We then investigate your website (and your competitor's websites) to formulate a list of changes and recommendations that will help your website attain better rankings and exposure.

What do the Experts Say?

As part of our Balancelogic Insider: the Interview Series, we interviewed Bill Campbell, Balancelogic CEO, to see what his thoughts are on some of the biggest topics surrounding Websites. We go over what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) really is, how businesses can benefit from SEO, the differences between a custom built website and a template, why some small businesses do not have a website, and much more.
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?What's the Difference Between Custom Built Websites and Templates?
We encourage and welcome everyone to comment, leave Logi messages, ask him questions, and be part of this awesome journey!