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Hello from the Technology Center!

You have to love technology! I just left the Technology Center at Ambassador Island and realized that communication is truly a wonderful thing and great communication not only applies in our personal relationships, but also in our business. How would a business work today if we had no phone systems, texting, or email? There is probably nothing more important to your business than it's communications.

I didn't know that so many small businesses have outdated phone systems and think it is way too expensive to upgrade. The features and capabilities of today's phone systems are amazing! A perfect example is to never miss a voicemail message again, using the voicemail to email feature. This will send you an email with a sound file of your voicemail! Pretty amazing.
As a small business, you put your business phone number on literally everything; your website, business cards, advertisements, and more. You are asking people "Please call me", but what happens when you ask someone to call you and you don't answer or your phone is busy? You lose opportunities, you lose sales, and you lose money. Having a functional and scalable phone system is critical to any small business. If you have multiple offices, having the ability to efficiently call each office dialing only 3 numbers is hugely convenient and saves on phone bills. Using services like VoIP and SIP can save you hundreds of dollars a month on your phone service, which in return will no doubt pay for your phone system over time.

Need to upgrade your business phone system? Want to improve your business communications? Contact our Avaya IP Office experts and explore the many options that a new business phone system can provide!
We are always looking for ways to share great content with you. Hope this information was valuable! I have included some additional information about how the Balancelogic team can help you improve your small business communications. Don't forget to follow me as I explore and visit the rest of Ambassador Island!

Avaya IP Office

Specifically designed for small businesses, Avaya IP Office phone systems will dramatically change how you communicate with your clients. With a vast array of features and capabilities, coupled with the simplicity of use, there is no other phone system that can match it. The best part, it is affordable for just about any small business and can grow and scale with your business as well.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Do you have multiple offices? Do you typically make long-distance calls between your offices? Want to save 25-35% of your communication budget? Say hello to Voice Over IP! Avaya phone systems have VoIP technology to leverage your existing network/internet connections to transmit your long-distance phone calls. In other words, VoIP is the solution that puts the savings back to your bottom line.

SIP Trunking

This is where the magic happens. This is the protocol that helps enable VoIP phone systems to accomplish the goal of using your internet connection and internal data network to run your business phone system instead of a traditional phone line. So it doesn't matter if you get a new or want to utilize your existing phone system, Balancelogic can make sure that your phone system is efficient, cost-effective, and scalable for your business.

Hardware and Software Support

Balancelogic offers phone system maintenance plans that covers all parts and labor during the coverage period at no extra charge, with a multitude of options for you to choose from. Our maintenance plans are so affordable, it just doesn't make sense not to have one. 

Phone System Programming

Do you have an existing phone system that doesn't have all the features you need? Thinking about upgrading? Balancelogic's Voice Solutions team will work with you to program your phone system just the way you want it. Our trained and experienced technicians can provide consulting paired with on-site or remote programming services for your phone system.

What do the Experts Say?

As part of our Balancelogic Insider: the Interview Series, we interviewed Bill Campbell, Balancelogic CEO, to see what his thoughts are on phone systems and how they can improve your communications. See what he has to say in the videos below.
Why Do Small Businesses Need a Phone System?What is SIP Trunking and How Does it Benefit Small Businesses?
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