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Tradeshow & Expo Design


Do you have an Expo, Trade Show, or Venue that you’re attending? Do you have a Booth or Space registered for your small Business? Do you have all of the Marketing Collateral and setup that you need to make your exhibit shine from the crowd? Balancelogic can help you create the perfect display for your next event that will show what your small business is all about. Whether you’re booth needs to reflect a campaign that you’re currently running, if it’s to showcase your company as a whole,
or if you’re just looking to refresh your existing exhibit, we can design a knockout display that will have people storming to come see you.

Have a Talented Team at Your Disposal

Creating a display for a trade show is much more than just throwing a couple of your marketing collateral together and lay it out on a table. Without developing a strategy for developing your display, you won’t have an effective display that will drive people to come see who you are and what you do. With our Creative Services team, we will help develop a plan to see what your goals are for the event, determining a project cost, and create concepts for what your display can look like. After we determine what your goal is, we will then start to layout all of the marketing collateral and items that you will need. Balancelogic can design everything, but not limited to:
- Table Cloth Design
- Vertical Banners
- Backdrops
- Posters
- Slideshow Presentations
- Signage
- Flyers
- Rack Cards
- Brochures
- Case Studies
- Name Tags
- Tumblers/Bottles
- Postcards
- Business Cards
- Portable Displays
- Presentation Folders
- Promotional Items such as Coffee Mugs, Pens,
  Shirts, Tote Bags, Key Chains, etc.
GI Associates of Maryland
When it comes down to it, you need to set yourself apart from everyone else at your event. Contact Balancelogic today to see how we can help create an attractive, engaging, and strategic display that will show why customers need to come to you for your service or product.
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