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Email Protection Services

Balancelogic Reflexion Total Control (RTC)

Balancelogic Reflexion Total Control is a managed email security service that provides email users with unprecedented control over access to their inbox.

Of course, Balancelogic Reflexion blocks unwanted mail, such as spam, viruses and directory harvesting and denial of service (DoS) attacks, and makes phishing attacks self-evident. Beyond that, however, it adds a positive dimension to inbox control by assuring the delivery of desirable mail, providing users with a new means of judging a message's legitimacy, and providing tools that help to preserve the long-term integrity of the user’s primary email address.
Balancelogic Reflexion's exceptional degree of control is achieved by combining its unique capabilities with traditional defenses, such as Allow Lists, Block Lists, and content filtering, based on the user's preferences. Research shows that Balancelogic Reflexion’s blended defense-in-depth can improve the effectiveness of traditional techniques by one to two orders of magnitude.

When other systems "run out of gas" in responding to the latest spammer exploits, Balancelogic Reflexion still has more to offer, with Address-on-the-Fly™ (AOTF), Protective Addresses™, and Permitted Language and Permitted Country capabilities. The Protective Address model provides users with an unlimited supply of alternative addresses, all of which resolve to a single inbox, are individually manageable with granular security states, and are automatically managed by the system. While Protective Addresses can be used in a disposable fashion, they needn't be disposable, as an address can "live on" for one group of users, while being disabled for others. The Permitted Language and Country capabilities can block significant additional amounts of spam by ensuring that users never receive mail in languages that they can’t speak or from countries outside their organization’s geographic area of operation.

Balancelogic Reflexion also provides email continuity, by queuing inbound email when one's local server experiences an outage, and outbound email filtering, to help prevent users from inadvertently spamming their customers, partners
and suppliers.

Balancelogic Reflexion Archiving, Discovery and Recovery (RADAR)

RADAR is a managed email archiving service that operates in conjunction with your existing IT network to ensure the protection, preservation and continuous operation of email communication for your business, while providing on-demand email access for users anywhere and anytime.

Today, email is the core business communication channel. Since its inception, email has evolved from a simple intra-office messaging tool to the information and communication backbone of companies of all sizes.

Management and support of your network devices including printers, switches, routers, and firewalls.

RADAR solves these problems. It can be deployed for any size business to ensure that electronic communication is automatically preserved for intelligent discovery, rapid recovery and continuous access from any location.

Active Archiving
The structure of email, its constant use by staff and its dual purpose as a communications tool and information repository, demand that its retention be managed more dynamically than regular files and folders. This is accomplished through
active archiving.

RADAR's active archiving automatically stores a copy of all incoming, outgoing and internal email in a secure, encrypted repository indefinitely, unless otherwise specified.

eDiscovery refers to the process of finding email in the active archive. RADAR provides a unique set of eDiscovery tools that empower users to perform multiple levels of live search for any email or attachment within the archive.

RADAR's proprietary DeepLink™ discovery engine enables users to locate relevant and related emails and attachments quickly and easily from their mailbox archive. Authorized users are permitted to search across the ‘enterprise.

Email Recovery
Using RADAR's online user interface, users can instantly recover any email or attachment from the active archive into their desktop Inbox, without assistance from IT.

RADAR's unique “click and pick” data-packaging tools allow the recovery of email and attachments to be fully customizable by the user. In the event of a catastrophic failure, a full mailbox restore is available to users for complete disaster recovery.

Email Continuity
As a managed service, RADAR provides continuous on-demand access to email from any location. In the event of any internal network or server outages, users can access the secure RADAR servers via a webmail client and continue communication via email without any down-time, mail queuing or sender ‘bounce-back' messages.

In addition to complete mobility and 24x7 email accessibility, RADAR enables email users to access ALL emails and attachments within the active archive, not just the email residing on the in-house mail server. In addition, employees are not constrained by local configuration requirements or network access availability, as they are simply sending and receiving email securely within RADAR via an encrypted SSL internet connection.

What is a Managed Gateway Solution?
As a managed service, RADAR operates transparently “in the cloud,” automatically saving incoming, outgoing and internal email. Importantly, this does not require any additional hardware, client-side software or IT support. Email availability becomes like electricity availability – it's just there, but even better, because if your local power goes out, you can still reach your email from another location.

Balancelogic Reflexion's servers are located in a Class A datacenter that leverages the most modern storage software and infrastructure to provide our customers with superior email availability and redundancy.

How does RADAR work?
All incoming, outgoing and internal email is automatically routed through the RADAR gateway. All email and attachments are filtered for spam and viruses, which are eliminated, then indexed for search and retrieval (discovery), and then encrypted in the active archive for secure, long-term retention.

Using RADAR's web interface, users are able to instantly identify and retrieve email and attachments, recovering them directly to their desktop.
Balancelogic Reflexion Email Encryption Services

Protect Your Customers & Yourself by Encrypting Sensitive Email with Balancelogic Reflexion Networks & ZixCorp. Balancelogic Reflexion Networks and Zix Corporation have partnered to provide email encryption as a hosted service. Now you can easily ensure privacy and meet regulatory compliance requirements with cost effective email encryption.

Policy-Based Encryption Services
- Centralized, policy-based email encryption for regulatory compliance
- Automatic retrieval and distribution of public encryption keys through ZixDirectory, enabling transparent email encryption   between all

ZixCorp customers
- Automated content scanning of messages and attachments, providing transparent encryption for your company's
  email senders

- Ability to encrypt, reroute or block emails based on your company's policy
- "Push" recipient delivery method - sending an encrypted email directly to a recipient's inbox and enabling secure read,
  reply and forward capability

Secure Message Portal
- "Pull" recipient delivery method including custom branding based on your company's needs
- Hosted and maintained in SysTrust-certified and SAS-70 type II accredited ZixData Center
- Encrypted read, reply and save capabilities for recipients
- Secured compose capability for your business partners, customers, members, patients, etc.
- Unique support for Blackberry and smartphone devices

Why Encrypt Email?
With an increase in regulatory pressures, identity theft and highly publicized security breaches in the media, companies that do not encrypt emails containing sensitive information are at risk of regulatory fines, lawsuits, negative PR and a loss of company intellectual property.

Companies dependent on building a relationship of trust with their customers and business partners cannot afford to risk such potential damages to their brand image. Email encryption is, therefore, an important piece of the security puzzle; it protects your company, your customers and business partners. The question then becomes how to implement this critical business process.

Why is this service different?

The power of the network

ZixCorp, a leading hosted email encryption provider since 2000, allows customers to communicate, seamlessly and securely - inbox to inbox - with no sender/recipient authentication necessary. This unmatched approach to email encryption is accomplished by customers enrolling in the ZixDirectory, a global (encryption key) repository with almost 20 million members and growing at over 100,000 new members per week.

With ZixDirectory, customers eliminate the need to build their own directory of encryption keys and instead leverage ZixCorp's hosted and shared secure network, which includes:
- The US Federal Banking Regulators and the SEC
- More than 1200 financial institutions
- 20 State Banking Regulators
- More than 1,000 US hospitals
- Over 30 Blue Cross Blue Shield Institutions
- 3 out of the 5 largest US health insurance companies

Policy-based Email Encryption

The email encryption service offers the ability for a company to encrypt outbound emails based on content, sender,
and recipient.

The full content scanning of messages and attachments enables companies to comply with industry regulations with the help of managed lexicons that automatically encrypt, reroute, or block email messages containing financial (GLBA), healthcare (HIPAA) and profanity content. A company's sender can also trigger an email to be encrypted, as well as encrypting all emails destined for specific recipient email domains and email addresses.
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