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Payroll Services 

Processing payroll for your employees is not something you want to do all on your own and hiring a full-time employee to handle your payroll can be costly.  In addition, constant changes in payroll laws and scheduling payroll deposits can be time consuming.

Balancelogic’s Bookkeeping Services can handle everything, including keeping track of hours and leave, making payroll tax deposits, quarterly reports, end of year reports, and sending W-2's to all of your employees. It's just like having your own payroll department!


Whether you have bi-weekly or monthly payroll, manual or direct deposit, our payroll plans are flexible to meet your needs. All of your tax payments are taken directly from your bank account when they are due, not held for weeks or months, freeing-up your cash flow. 
We offer many options for submitting payroll – by fax, email, or call our office and speak with our payroll specialists.  Our payroll payments are flexible as well – we offer direct deposit, printed checks, or if you prefer, we can provide you with figures to write paychecks manually.  

Our payroll services are designed to fit your needs by improving processes which save time and money.

bullet.jpg Accounts Payable (A/P) – processing & paying all invoices 

bullet.jpg Accounts Receivable (A/R)  - processing & tracking customer payments 

bullet.jpg Reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts 

bullet.jpg Prepare 1099 Forms for your contractors 

bullet.jpg Job costing – Determine your profit & loss by job or customer

bullet.jpg Accounting system analysis and installation

bullet.jpg Month and year-end closings 

bullet.jpg Financial reports preparation - Balance Sheets, Cash Flow, Profit & Loss Reports 

bullet.jpg QuickBooks™ Catch-up service 

bullet.jpg Sales receipts processing 

bullet.jpg QuickBooks™ installation and repair 

bullet.jpg QuickBooks™ Company file setup / File Migration

bullet.jpg General Ledger / Journal Entries 

bullet.jpg CPA Referral Service 

bullet.jpg Procedure & Process Development  

bullet.jpg QuickBooks™ Monthly Support Plans Available