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Quench Your Thirst For Success

Where Is Your Happy Place?

We all have them. That place that just makes us happy, the place where headaches and frustration does not exist. Facing daily challenges is nothing new to the Balancelogic team. We help our clients resolve a myriad of small business challenges every day.By working with Balancelogic, you will get the combination of our talented, professional and experienced team and our wide array of support services. Working together we will tackle your daily headaches and provide the relief you need. Balancelogic will help quench your thirst for success so you can once again find “your” happy place.

Follow our Brand Ambassador Logi over the next seven months to see how working with Balancelogic can quench your thirst for success. We invite you to visit our Facebook page to see more exciting things happening with the company and check out the next step in Logi’s journey. We encourage and welcome everyone to comment, leave us and Logi messages, and be a part of our this awesome journey.

IT Services

Finally! IT Services that work like they’re supposed to. Balancelogic provides a comprehensive suite of IT Managed Services to keep a watchful eye on your entire network and resolve problems before you even know that you had one. Your devices are monitored 24/7/365, allowing you the peace of mind to know your office’s networks will run smoothly even when you are on vacation. Our ultimate goal is to tackle your headaches and provide the relief you need so you can once again find your happy place.

Voice Solutions

Need better communication? Often customer service and client communication can make the difference between getting and keeping clients. Staying ahead of your competition and increasing your ability to provide excellent communication internally and externally starts with your small business phone system. The Avaya IP Office phone system is specifically designed for your small businesses and will dramatically change how you communicate with your clients. With a vast array of features and capabilities coupled with the simplicity of use, there is no other phone system that can match it. A huge advantage with the Avaya IP Office system is that it can grow and scale with your business.

Graphic Design

In today's business world, we are overwhelmed with products and services being advertised all around us. Brand recognition is very important, especially to a small business. Custom designed, creative, attention grabbing marketing materials are needed to communicate your message(s) to customers both online and offline.

Business Consulting

Running a small business is full of challenges and with our small business consulting services, we can help you address these challenges and reengineer your business in order to maximize your return on time, talent, and monetary investments. We will help you identify those areas that provide the best opportunity for success and recommend best practices based on actual experience and up to date knowledge of current techniques and technologies. Working with us will help you introduce innovative ways of operating your organization with the confidence knowing you have a small business expert with a fresh approach to success.


Balancelogic® Bookkeeping Services are designed to lessen the burden of day-to-day, weekly and monthly bookkeeping tasks that take your attention away from focusing on your business. Our Services will help you improve your control, productivity and profitability for your organization. We support businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout Southern Maryland, including Charles County, St. Mary's County, and Prince George's County.


Make your audience feel that you are talking directly to them whether your message is delivered through direct mail, social media, or your website. Whether it is a simple postcard direct mail campaign, email campaign, or a complete marketing plan, you can count on Balancelogic’s marketing team to make your message stands out and be noticed.

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