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Small Business Consulting Services


Business plan? Marketing plan? Strategic plan? Who really has these plans? Successful organizations that’s who. Most small businesses never really had the time or resources to add these powerful tools to their arsenal, now they do!

Small Business Advice

Running a small business is full of challenges and with our small business consulting services, we can help you address these challenges and reengineer your business in order to maximize your return on time, talent, and monetary investments. We will help you identify those areas that provide the best opportunity for success and recommend best practices based on actual experience and up to date knowledge of current techniques and technologies. Working with us will help you introduce innovative ways of operating your organization with the confidence knowing you have a small business expert with a fresh approach to success.

Successful operation of your business requires that you get the most value from your assets, whether tangible or intangible. Most often resources are limited therefore they must be skillfully and efficiently deployed. Proper direction and management of your company’s resources can lower costs and increase efficiency within your organization.

We will work together to address and resolve matters related to your business strategy, business development, and execution.

Our Small Business Advice Helps You:
- Increase revenue and profits
- Increase small business and marketing skills
- Create an actionable plan for business growth
- Create a vision and mission for your business
- Define your business goals and objectives
- Overcome Leadership and Management challenges

Adding Value to Your Business

If you currently own or are looking to start a small business in Southern Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington DC, we can help with launching that new business, growing your existing business, and resolving those growth limiting situations and avoid costly pitfalls we as business owners face every day.

Small Business Consulting Services Include:
- Small Business Strategic Planning
- Mission/Vision Development
- Business Owner/Management Advisor
- Executive/Board Meeting Facilitation
- Leadership & Management Development
- Team Development/Training
- Policy & Procedure Review
- Internal Process Review
Other Business
Consulting Services:

Strategy Development

Mission & Vision Development

Strategic Planning

Policies & Procedures Review

Team Development Training

Leadership Development

Business Advising

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