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Web Design Process

Discover Phase

This phase includes our consultation with the client and will require an analysis, goals, objectives, and purpose of the website.  We will also conduct a project analysis including the flow of the website, forms, and landing pages, etc.  We will work with the client to develop a content strategy as well as a search strategy.

Design Phase

During this phase, we will start developing the structure of the website or the wireframe.  We then work on the site diagram and all of the page descriptions. We also start putting together the functionality of the website and then draft the visual design.

The client will receive image snapshots of what the website will look like and a description of how the features will work throughout the website. The client is asked to review the design and notify us of any changes or modifications that are needed. This is done multiple times until the client is satisfied with the visual design.

When the client is satisfied, we ask for a final concept approval. 

Website Content Phase

The website content phase is included in the Design/Development phase and is required before development of the website begins.

Design/Development Phase

This phase includes the content development, site development, site testing (which is tested across multiple browsers), testing the site live on our server, and allowing the client to review the site live to check for functionality, flow, and review of all content and graphics.

Site Launch Phase

After everything is approved, we finalize the launch date.  Then the website goes live using the customer’s domain and we verify everything is working as it should. We then schedule training with the client to show them how to use our Content Management System and provide documentation. We also migrate the customer's email from their old provider to our email server (if required).

Promotion Phase

The promotion phase, or online marketing phase is completed after the site is launched.  We develop an online marketing plan, create an SEO strategy and tactics are executed, and we work with the client to set up various social media platforms.

Follow Up Phase

The final phase of our website development process is to follow up with the client a few weeks after the site is launched and see that the website is meeting all of their needs.