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In order to keep their current and potential clients up to date with the offering of Longevity Studios, Balancelogic developed a monthly e-newsletter which gave up-to-date information on upcoming events and the small group training schedule for the month.

Other print collateral helped staff explain services to potential clients as well as
sell additional services to those already taking advantage of Longevity Studios. Balancelogic also developed a series of exercise videos to develop credibility of the website and the staff members in the gym.

Projects Include:
  • Corporate Identity Design

  • Print Collateral

  • Print Advertisements

  • Press Release Distribution

  • Video Creation

Breaking Through the Marketing Barrier

Straight from our Breaking Through the Marketing Barrier seminar, this Ebook will provide a variety of information about what marketing really is and walk you through a variety of different elements of marketing in somewhat of a fun way.