Voice Over IP Solutions

Voice Over IP Solutions

A typical business will spend up to 35% of their communication budget calling within their own company. Voice over IP is the solution that puts the savings back to your bottom line.

Voice over IP technology leverages your existing network / Internet connections to transmit your long-distance phone calls.

Consider how much you spend in long-distance calls between your offices. Typically, a company will spend about 25-35% of its total long-distance bill making calls office-to-office. It is easy to see just how quickly the investment made in Voice over IP technology can repay itself.

Do You Need It?

Whether you are in need of a new phone system or not, you can take advantage of the Voice over IP technology. This is done in 2 different ways…

First, is using a Voice over IP phone system. We have chosen to use Avaya’s (formerly Lucent) IP Office phone system. They have the reputation we require for quality and support and it is actually very competitively priced. In addition, the IP Office can operate as a traditional PBX in the local office and as a Voice over IP phone system over the internet or WAN, and for home and field users.

Second, there is the Voice over IP Gateway. This is an interface (gateway) that will allow you to connect your current phone system to users or other offices, via the Internet or WAN, without replacing your existing phone systems.

Voice over IP (or VoIP) uses the new advanced digital signal to transmit voice and data versus the old analog signal. You are probably aware that analog technology is being phased out, but it is still possible to take advantage of this new technology with your old phone system.

VoIP is Not Expensive

Admittedly, there are some very expensive VoIP products out there, but we have carefully chosen products that ensure the most reliability, highest quality and lowest price. Most VoIP solutions will pay for themselves within 8-12 months. After that all of the savings will go straight to your bottom line.

We are proud to support small businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout Maryland, Virginia, DC and our own local community of Southern Maryland and Charles County.

If you have any questions about how our Voice Solutions can help your organization, please reach out to us at (301) 396-8455.

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