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When we say we are not your average company, it is not a cliché; we are truly not your average company. Most relationships are viewed as “client/vendor” or “client/provider” relationships. At Balancelogic®, the relationship is more of an integration, a partnership, we work very closely with our clients to truly understand their business and its needs, creating a cohesive team.

We have pioneered our business model and continue to nurture and fine tune it as we grow. Balancelogic® is the answer to small business; we are a leading provider of critical business support services with several departments including Marketing Services, IT Support Services, Web Design Services, Graphic Design Services, Business Consulting Services, and Voice Solution Services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. We like to say that “We Bring Big Business Operations to the Small Business.”

For more than a decade, we have been the answer to our client’s challenges in many aspects of their business. We have hands-on experience in a wide range of business services that are critical to business success and have helped hundreds of clients increase their productivity and competitive edge.

Our competitive advantage lies not only on what services we provide, but also in how these services are provided. Our cross trained and experienced team, our well thought out and proven processes and the integration of the right technology allow us to offer an unparalleled experience to our clients.

Headquartered in Waldorf, Maryland, we are centrally located to support our wide range of clients throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC metropolitan area.

Whether you’re a start up, emerging company, nonprofit organization, or a growing small business, Balancelogic is the right partner for you. We understand how small businesses function and how critical small business operations are to the success of any organization. Our goal is to keep your organization running smoothly while staying ahead of your competition.

Our Vision

We are committed to becoming the ultimate partner to small businesses; a company that our clients trust and rely on to

achieve success.

Our Mission

Balancelogic was established to provide small businesses with the expertise, support, and resources needed to improve their business by providing them the critical operational services needed to maintain and grow their company. Providing high quality professional business support services at an affordable price will empower our clients to reach goals beyond their

own expectations.

The foundation of Balancelogic is built on confidence, trust, reliability, and commitment to our clients. We value our clients and believe in strong, long term business relationships.


Balancelogic maintains a growing partner network in Charles County and nationwide to provide our clients with the highest quality business support services.


We are always looking for great multi-skilled people to join our rapidly growing company. If you’re highly motivated and feel that you are multi-talented, live in Southern MD, submit your resume.

Balancelogic is a registered trademark of Balancelogic, LLC.

Breaking Through the Marketing Barrier

Straight from our Breaking Through the Marketing Barrier seminar, this Ebook will provide a variety of information about what marketing really is and walk you through a variety of different elements of marketing in somewhat of a fun way.