Corporate Identity Design


Customers trust small businesses that are more presentable and professional. Having graphic elements like a Business Card, Letterhead, and Envelope with the same style throughout can help you build that trust between you and your target audience. Developing a Corporate Identity can boost recognition to your small business, set your company apart from your competition, enhance your brand’s confidence to your partners and clients, and improve your company’s image.

Isn’t Corporate Identity the Same as Brand Identity?

Having a Brand and Corporate Identity is very important for your business. Though both Identities use visual elements, they do however use them differently. A Brand Identity tells the story of your small business; whether it’s through your name, logo, tagline, colors, typography, shapes, graphic elements, etc. A Corporate Identity is the visual representation of your small business as a whole; whether it’s your business card, envelope, letterhead, brochure, etc. An effective Corporate Identity conveys the same impression, manner, tone, look, and feel that supports your brand. Here are a few examples of Corporate Identities that Balancelogic has designed:

Corporate Identity AlarisPro
Alaris Pro
Corporate Identity Longevity Studios
Longevity Studios
Corporate Identity Magic Broom
Magic Broom

Balancelogic Has the Right Package for You.

Balancelogic can help design the products you need to help develop your Corporate Identity. We offer two packages to our clients for their Corporate Identity needs:
Package Corporate Identity Balancelogic

Corporate Identity Package

 Custom Logo Design
 Business Card

Package Stationery Balancelogic

Stationery Package

 Business Card

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Breaking Through the Marketing Barrier

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